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Here are a selection of the projects we're working on. Click on the links to find out more about the individual projects, what we've found and how we're using our work to encourage health equity and climate action. This page is still under construction, so check back for further details of our projects.

A banner showing 9 people coloured in blues, yellows, pinks and greens, representing different ethnicity, and a central person in white holding a sign which shows a symbol for health equity

Ethnicity, Equity and AI

Improving how ethnicity data is used in real-world data research.

PHI Fair and Safe AI

Fair and Safe Medical AI

Challenging potential bias in Large Language Models for Medicine.

An image of a plastic model of a heart.

Rare heart diseases during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Analysing comorbidities and the impact of the pandemic on patients with rare cardiometabolic conditions.

A photo of a model of a foot and ankle, including bone and muscle.

Patient Groups in Osteoarthritis

Looking at patterns of comorbidities in osteoarthritis.

Image of doctors looking at medical records and patient data.

Osteoporosis fractures and hearing loss

Demonstrating the association of hearing loss and osteoporosis fracture.

Image of gloved hands pointing to the results of an ECG scan, with a stethoscope, medication and a heart stress ball on the desk.

Heart Disease in fracture-risk patients

Predicting cardiovascular disease event incidence in populations at risk of fracture.

A Hazy image of a DNA strand made up of small particles.

Genetic causes of co-occuring conditions

Examining the occurrence and potential causal pathways of multimorbidity in long-term conditions.

A photo of pipes releasing a cloud of smoke at sunset.

AI to detect sources of air pollution

Using AI to identify unregulated brick kilns from aerial satellite images.

A yellow background with a teddy bear wearing a face mask in the corner.

Environmental change and children's health

Demonstrating an association between air pollution levels and BMI.

PHI Malaria

 Improving Malaria Prediction Models

Using Satellite data and deep learning to improve prediction models for malaria outbreaks in South Asia.

PHI Flooding

Measuring the Humanitarian Impact of Flooding

Using Satellite data to track the impact of flooding on key Infrastructure.

PHI Heat

How Hot Temperatures Change Physical Activity

Using de-identified smart watch and weather data to look at changes in activity with temperature.