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Welcome to the Planetary Health Informatics Group. We use artificial intelligence, computational modelling, and remote monitoring methods to analyse big real-world data and develop models towards equitable and ethical solutions for planetary health problems.

Our key focus areas are

  1. Artificial intelligence for health equity
  2. Machine learning for conservation, restoration, and rewilding
  3. Curation of linked health, environment, and climate data

We work closely with clinical and environmental epidemiologists, clinicians, conservationists, data scientists, engineers, public and patient groups to co-create local solutions to global planetary health problems.

Latest news

New advanced analytics research to deliver next level of insights into COVID-19

NDORMS is leading one of nine new studies awarded total of £2m to use large-scale linked data to address priority research questions that will improve understanding of the pandemic and inform the continued policy response.

NDORMS joins research partnership to understand links between overlapping long-term conditions

The links between different long-term health conditions will be explored in new research funded with a £2.5million grant from the Medical Research Council.

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