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A Day in the Life of a Data SUPPORT CLERK

My standard working hours: 9.30-14.30 / Monday - Friday.


  • Cycling into the office after dropping off my son at school
  • Have a glass of water and a cup of tea
  • Log into the network
  • Check emails: my own inbox, NINJA, ALLIKAT and NHS
  • Check my TRELLO
  • Catch up with my line manager, Heidi Fletcher, on any update and priorities


  • Make coffee with a cafetière to share


  • Update NINJA queries in OpenClinica and summary report
  • Send further queries to the NINJA sites or respond to their emails


  • Log the returned ALLIKAT patient questionnaires in 2 separate monitoring sheets.
  • Enter ALLIKAT questionnaires data in JointAssist.


  • Lunchtime
  • Check my personal emails and take care of a few errands (e.g. payments made online for school lunch!)


  • Data Management Meeting with Jamie on CPinBoss - RE: Update/Change on REDCap


  • Catch up with Lottie on ACL SNNAP - RE: 18month data cleaning process


  • Off to pick up my son via Tesco – see you tomorrow!