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Everyone knows about a “standard” 2-arm randomised trial, but there are lots of variations on the basic design. Many will be familiar with the more common alternative trial designs, such as cross-over, cluster, multi-arm trials and within-person - these are introduced here. However, beyond these there are many, many alternatives, of which many but by no means all are some sort of adaptive trial.

Below is a not-too-serious list of more unusual/fancier sounding randomised trial designs that I have come across. Inclusion in no way means either I endorse or infer anything good or bad about the design. A more serious point is that the same designs have been presented as new with different labels - and probably will be again.

If you have a name for the list, do send me the reference and I will add.


A non-exhaustive list of less common and fancy Sounding randomised trial designs