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Today is World Mental Health Day. We asked some of our NDORMS Mental Health First Aiders for their top tips for mental wellbeing. 

Maria Granell Moreno

‘Connect with others. Tell your loved ones how you feel and, if you are worried about your mental health: reach out and share your worries!’

Maria Granell Moreno, Equality and Diversity Advisor

Felicity Oakley

‘My top tip would be to spend time outdoors.’ 

Felicity Polden, Human Resources Manager

Anjali Shah

'Keep a treasure trove of something you enjoy - photos of happy memories, favourite cooking recipes, an uplifting music playlist, favourite books/magazines, comedy shows to make you laugh / jokes, pampering treats – eg take a luxurious bath with candles.'

Anjali Shah, Research Manager and Epidemiologist

James Edwards

'My top tip would be getting outside. Allowing time to walk the dog.’

James Edwards, Associate Professor

Afsie Sabokbar

'Volunteering at a hospice/hospital- the latter makes me realise that there are always more unfortunate people than myself.'

Afsie Sabokbar, Associate Professor and Botnar Director of Graduate Studies

Vicki Barber

‘Value yourself and those around you. Everyone adds value to whatever they are a part of – no one can achieve anything completely on their own, remember everyone plays a part no matter how big or small a part it is– everyone brings value.'

Vicki Barber, OCTRU Operations Director

Cushla Cooper

'Baking! I bake loads when I’m stressed! Just going through the motions of following a recipe and having something at the end of it. If you ever feel your day isn’t productive seeing an “output” from the oven is rewarding and comforting.'

Cushla Cooper, Clinical Operational Lead