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OCTRU offers a wide ranging training programme and available to anyone working within the Unit.

The OCTRU training programme consists of regular sessions on aspects of Good Clinical Practice, including expanded sessions on some of the key unit Standard Operating Procedures and workshops. Training is offered face to face, online and in a hybrid format depending upon the session.

Please click here to see upcoming training events from the programme

• OCTRU has a comprehensive suite of SOPs to support staff in their working

• As part of the University you’ll have access to personal development and transferable skills training via POD, LinkedIn Learning, IT services in addition to University delivered training on topics such as Good Clinical Practice, the Human Tissue Act and Information Security training.

• The University’s annual PDR programme to support staff in thinking about their own development and career progression.

• Opportunities to attend at present at conferences. 

• Able to attend Departmental seminars and talks relevant to the clinical setting in which you are working.

• All staff are encouraged to contribute to teaching and training within the unit, sharing experience and knowledge.

• Due to the breadth and depth of the CTU it does means working with colleagues who can share experience and understanding - so those that may be newer to trial management or the unit get a sense of joining a supportive and knowledgeable team.