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Who we are

Oxford EMCRF is part of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Oxford Clinical Research Facility.  This is a collaboration between Oxford University and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to support the delivery of experimental research in Oxford.   

Oxford EMCRF supports the delivery of research projects to the highest standards of research and clinical governance, ensuring that quality and safety considerations are embedded throughout the facility, and promoting a culture of continual quality improvement. The facility has a documented and maintained quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ICH GCP Guidelines and all applicable regulatory requirements.  Oxford EMCRF also aims to work to the best practice principles outlined by the NIHR UKCRF Network workstream and current MHRA Guidance for CRF accreditation. It takes a risk adaptive approach to assuring participant safety.

Oxford EMCRF aims to support clinical researchers from the Medical Sciences Division at the University of Oxford and clinical researchers from the OUH Trust to conduct their research.    Both new and established investigators are encouraged to undertake their experimental studies in Oxford EMCRF.  The facility will also provide an opportunity for cross-theme/speciality collaborations, and the Oxford EMCRF will aim to facilitate these.

We also welcome researchers collaborating with industry and from the University Spin Out companies.

The Operational Policy is available here.