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  • Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Bronchoscopy
  • Negative pressure ventilation
  • State of the art endoscopy equipment

Treatment room

  • For minor, clean or sterile procedures
    • Fine Needle Aspirations
    • Lumbar Punctures
    • Skin biopsies
  • WHOSSC guidelines


  • Flexible arrangements with a mixture of beds and recliners - 2 x 4 place bays4 bedded bay
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • Bed-side data access

overnight accomodation

  • 5 x inpatient room
  • Fully equipped for participant comfortOvernight stay room
  • Ensuite bathroom in each room
  • Participant observation window
  • Negative Pressure ventilation - can be used for isolation/quarantine purposes


  • 3 x Consulting roomsConsulting rooms

  • Offers privacy and comfort for participants
  • Ideally suited for simple trial visits, consent discussions and follow up


  • Level 2 Containment Lab Lab
    • Sample processing
    • Sample storagePharmacy
  • Pharmacy Store
  • Dedicated study Monitor space