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Work in the Cribbs lab focuses on developing novel single-cell technology and computational analysis frameworks that empower new modes of treatment for disease.

Lead image for the Cribbs Group

Our main goal is to understand disease biology from a functional genomics standpoint. We believe that advancing our understanding of the mechanisms that regulate genes, proteins and biological pathways will allow us to understand disease processes. Ultimately, our hope is that this will lead us to discovering novel therapeutic targets for treatment of disease. These goals are practised in highly collaborative projects, such as the Tendon Seed Network, Oxford-Bayer Alliance in Women's health and Oxford Centre for Translational Myeloma research.

Our group has a focus on developing novel single-cell sequencing technologies to decipher the complex biology that underpins disease. We apply this single-cell technology to understand how cellular systems regulate epigenetic mechanisms in complex biological systems.

Our group is involved in the following key research areas:

  1. Development of novel long-read single-cell sequencing technologies.
  2. Identification of novel therapeutic targets in Multiple myeloma.
  3. Identification of novel epigenetic mechanisms within Chordoma.
  4. Mapping cells within Tendon Tissue.