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Research Students

Alejandro Gomez (DPhil Student)

Conor Hennessy (AFP)



British Othopaedic Foot Ankle Society

Royal College Surgeons

Adrian Kendal

MA (Oxon.) BMBCh, DPhil (Oxon.), FRCS (Ortho.)

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

  • Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, University Of Oxford
  • Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon with subspecialty interest in Foot and Ankle Reconstruction
  • Lecturer at Trinity College, Oxford

Adrian's research aim is to understand the pathogenesis of chronic debilitating tendon disease. Tendon disease accounts for over 20% of primary care consultations and represents a growing healthcare challenge in an active and increasingly ageing population. Recognising critical cells involved in tendinopathy is essential in developing therapeutics to meet this challenge.

Adrian has applied combined single cell transcriptomics and surface proteomics to identify novel tendon cell sub-types in diseased and healthy human tendon. For the first time, he has shown that human tendon harbours multiple distinct COL1A1/2 expressing tenocyte populations in addition to endothelial cells, T-cells, and monocytes. Adrian is interested in the temporal-spatial interaction of particular tendon cell sub-types in the pathogenesis of chronic tendinopathy, for example pro-inflammatory PTX3 cells and signalling pathways. 

Recent publications

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