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We organise several academic and social events throughout the year.

Coworkers talking at a networking event © Medical Sciences Division and John Cairns

As a result of social distancing protocols, we are not able to have most of the traditional events that occur in-person termly/ annually. We remain hopeful that some events may occur in-person later in the year. In the meantime, we are committed to organising social events that will enhance the social graduate student experience online despite several restrictions this year. Events for this year will mainly be guided by student's interests obtained from the Student Survey. Please be on the lookout for this year's socially distanced events.  

Normally, NDORMS Students events include:

  • Welcome events for 1st year students at the start of the academic year 
  • Yearly DPhil retreat with various career workshops and group activities
  • Regular social events including a termly student brunch & pizza lunch, monthly NDORMS socials (jointly organised with the PostDoc committee every first Thursday of the month), regular Pub socials at the Butcher's Arms, the annual NDORMS Christmas party and termly inter-departmental socials with different institutes across the Medical Sciences Division.

Have an idea for a new event?