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Female scientist working in the lab

NDORMS provides excellent opportunities for high quality research training in leading areas of musculoskeletal and inflammatory sciences and an outstanding environment for undertaking a DPhil, Oxford’s equivalent to a PhD. 

We offer a comprehensive training programme for our students. This includes a formal taught component, seminars and access to training in transferable skills. Our vision is for our graduate students to develop into scientists of the highest calibre with excellent future career prospects.

All graduate students are guided by a specialised team that includes academic supervisors, the Directors of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Studies Officer. Our Botnar and Kennedy Graduate Studies Committees (GSCs) oversee the admission of students and ensure students meet their milestones in appropriate times.

All graduate students have the opportunity for a broad and varied social life through College membership; more information about this can be found on the colleges page. 

We welcome both clinical and non-clinical postgraduates and have several full-time student opportunities funded by the Department and various national bodies.

The research work of the department takes place primarily in the Botnar Research Centre and the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology. These excellent research facilities benefit from close links with the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and other medical research centres in the area.

There are numerous seminars and lectures held in the department by local and visiting speakers. You will be provided with many opportunities to meet experts in various fields and to present your work at both formal and informal conferences and seminars.