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Applications are invited from 31 October - 9 December 2022

ID Title Internal supervisors Phase
#OxKEN-2023/1 Influence of Modifiable factors in PsA contributing to treat to target success (the IMPACT study) Laura Coates OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/2 Elucidating T cell phenotype and function in frozen shoulder Stephanie Dakin, Christopher Buckley, Mark Coles OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/3 Co-prevalence of liver disease in psoriatic disease (COLIPSO) Laura Coates, Hussein Al-Mossawi OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/4 Understanding and exploiting antigen discrimination by T cells OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/5 Gamma-delta intra-epithelial lymphocytes in coeliac disease OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/6 Investigating the role of neutrophil subsets in vascular inflammation Irina Udalova, Raashid Luqmani, Kristina Zec OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/7 Investigating interactions between oxygen-sensing pathways and autoimmunity OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/8 Form meets function in synovium: Did the evolution of power and precision grip drive development of rheumatoid arthritis? Mark Coles, Christopher Buckley OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/9 Identifying therapeutic combinations for immune mediated inflammatory disease using computational modelling, artificial intelligence and experimentation Mark Coles OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/10 Towards equity in medicine with big health data, epidemiology, and Artificial intelligence Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Sara Khalid, Antonella Delmestri, Laura Coates, Gary Collins OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/11 Developing and testing a humanised mouse model of fibrosis Dominic Furniss OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/12 Investigation of DDR2 signalling that promotes synovial cell invasion into cartilage in rheumatoid arthritis Yoshi Itoh, Christopher Buckley, Richard Williams OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/13 Characterizing the ageing phenotype of fibroblast populations in the synovium of RA and OA patients Ghada Alsaleh, Tonia Vincent, Christopher Buckley OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/14 Autoantigen keratin-17 as a key driver of anterior uveitis Christopher Buckley, Lakshanie Wickramasinghe OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/15 A cellular atlas of the human hip to understand the relationship between femeroacetabular impingement and hip osteoarthritis Sarah Snelling, Mathew Baldwin, Adam Cribbs, Philippa Hulley OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/16 Spatial exploration of hypoxic signalling and inflammation in chronic hepatitis B. OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/17 Establishing the Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) axis as a therapeutic target in carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger Dominic Furniss, Tonia Vincent, Akira Wiberg OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/18 Matrix architecture in the perivascular niche: a master regulator of lymphocyte infiltration in inflammatory disease? Kim Midwood, Fiona Powrie FRS OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/19 The dark side of hypoferremia: does iron deficiency disable innate immunity in humans? James Fullerton OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/20 A clinically-relevant musculoskeletal humanoid shoulder for studying joint instabilities and diseases Pierre-Alexis Mouthuy, Julie Stebbins, Steve Gwilym OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/21 Epigenetic targeting of fibroblasts as a novel therapeutic avenue for fibro-stenotic Crohn’s disease OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/22 Interrogating immune-mediated inflammatory disease via cutaneous human immune challenge James Fullerton, Christopher Buckley OxKEN 2023
#OxKEN-2023/23 Developmental engineering models of skeletal ciliopathies. Angus Wann, Tonia Vincent OxKEN 2023