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Join industry leaders, including the former chief scientist of NASA, for an immersive and comprehensive course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the challenges of space medicine. Don't miss out on this unique learning experience. Secure your spot now and be at the forefront of health and medicines in space!

The Executive Space Medicine Course is brought to you by Metavisionaries, Space Application Services, and HealthGena in collaboration with the Botnar Institute for Musculoskeletal Sciences at NDORMS, University of Oxford.

Building on the success of the first two iterations, this 5-day course promises an immersive journey into the realm of space medicine and will be held in the Space Innovation Lab at the Botnar.

The course is designed to explore the innovative nexus of healthcare, space and role of AI in catalysing these collaborations. Led by Dr. James Green (Former NASA chief Scientist) and industry professionals including Dr. Tara Ruttley, Chris Mason (Weill Cornell), Hilde Stenuit (Space Application Services), and Dr Jon Sen (Neurosurgeon).

The course is targeting healthcare professionals including pharmacists, nurses and doctors, technologists, researchers, and students, this course is a deep dive into the potential of space and AI to solve complex health challenges in space and on Earth.

Highlighting anti-aging research spearheaded by NDORMS Dr. Ghada Alsaleh, the curriculum will also expand to cover the entrepreneurial applications of AI and frontier technologies, leadership in dynamic environments, and the transformative role of AI in health research. A unique feature includes participants engaging in a comprehensive three-day Payload Design Workshop, focusing on practical applications and theoretical knowledge.
With access to Oxford's Space Innovation lab, you will gain practical experience while embracing the future of healthcare. Prepare to elevate your skills, expand your knowledge, and embark on a transformative learning experience that integrates entrepreneurship into the realm of space medicine.


By NDORMS (University of Oxford) and Metavisionaries.

Participants will receive a certificate signed by Dr. James Green, in collaboration with NDORMS at the University of Oxford and Metavisionaries.