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We will do our best to work within these timelines but this may not always be possible
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Organisational and funding Details
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Collaboration and cross department working
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Study Interventions
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Your Study

EMCRF will work with your team to deliver the study – details will be finalised during set up.

Medical Cover in EMCRF: All studies must have a medically qualified person who has agreed to be responsible for ensuring that immediate medical assistance is available for participants during their visits to the CRF. Please ensure this issue is discussed with the CRF.

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CRF Activities
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Clinical resources and research support
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Study specific equipment
Please note – a separate Risk Assessment and procurement process will be completed for any equipment coming into the facility. Training, size, storage, and post-study arrangements will need to be considered.
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Patient & Public Involvement (PPI)
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NIHR Resources
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Please have the following documentation ready to submit on request:

  •  2-page CV from Applicant (PI)
  • Proposal/Protocol/Synopsis Document

If available:

  • Peer review of study proposal/protocol
  • Investigator Brochure/SmPC For CTIMPs/ATIMPs
  • Clinical Investigation Plan For Device Trials
  • Specialist Protocols For Lab processing, procedures, pharmacy stores etc


Thank you, the EMCRF team will contact you within the next 5 days.