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The UKSTAR (UK Study of tendo Achilles Rehabilitation) trial has opened its first pilot site for recruitment. King’s College Hospital in London is now recruiting patients for the trial which is comparing plaster casts to walking boots for patients who have suffered an Achilles tendon rupture and are being treated non-operatively. The trial will gradually be rolled out with the aim of eventually opening the trial in at least 22 hospitals across the UK.

Participants who are aged 16 or over, have suffered a primary Achilles tendon rupture and are being treated non-operatively will be eligible to take part. The primary outcome for the trial is to quantify and draw inferences on observed differences in Achilles Tendon Rupture Score (a patient reported outcome) between the trial treatment groups at 9 months after injury. The trial will also collect important information for secondary outcomes on quality of life, complications, resource use, costs and comparative cost effectiveness

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