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Do you remember when we worked at the Botnar? Walking up stairs to get to your desk? Walking to the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (or also known as the NOC) to pick up a sandwich? Walking from your car to get to the office? Some of us used to do Pilates and/or lunchtime runs up Shotover Hill! Depending on the size of your office, even making a cup of tea in the kitchen used to clock up steps.  

All of that used to keep us fit!

We all commuted. My commute was a 35 minute cycle ride each way, some people cycled even further!  I miss my commute, cycling up Morell Avenue, was a great way to start the day. All that time, even if you drove to the office, could be replaced with exercise! 

My top tips for staying active 

  • Exercise early in the day – before anybody else is awake, if possible. It is easy to be distracted from your mission when other people start chatting! Plus, you feel smug all day. 
  • Schedule time to take a walk in daylight. It breaks up the day and is the best source of vitamin D. Even if the weather is bad a walk clears your head and reduces stress. 
  • There are lots of online free/cheap Zoom classes Staff wellbeing  free online sport for staff | Staff Gateway ( of these are ‘live’ but there are also lessons that you can do when it fits in with you. 
  • Discover new local walks – I’ve discovered loads of great walks and footpaths from my housethat I never knew existed. The kind of walks you go on holiday to enjoy! 
  • Ditch your car – don’t drive to the shops, cycle or walk. My local shop is a 5-minute walk, Sainsbury’s is a 20 minute cycle. 

Useful links for other fitness stuff

  1. Lots of people on our team use Strava - it can help to motivate you, as it gives good statistics & maps where you’ve been, how far, how fast and there are also challenges that you can sign-up to. 
  2. Ndorms Pilates, every Tuesday 12.30 - 1pm on zoom Meeting ID: 382 025 5530 
  3. There are loads of tips on the NHS website, including desk stretches 
  4. If you ever feel nostalgic for lunchtime runs here’s the link for Couch to 5K