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Angela MacCarthy


EQUATOR Oncology Research Fellow

Angela joined the EQUATOR Network in 2014. EQUATOR provides access to reporting guidelines and resources to help scientists and clinicians to report their research completely and transparently.

Angela works on the Cancer Research UK-funded project EQUATOR Oncology which highlights online resources, literature and guidance for researchers in the field of oncology with the aim of improving the quality of research in this area of medicine.

Published research papers are only useful if (i) readers can understand them (ii) reviewers have enough information to assess the quality of the research described and include the research findings in a systematic review or meta-analysis and (iii) clinicians can use them to inform their decision-making. However, much health research is published with insufficient detail to be useful to others. This wastes limited research resources and prevents research findings from influencing evidence-based clinical practice. 

Reporting guidelines help prevent this waste, and there are now 39 oncology-specific guidelines in the EQUATOR Network reporting guideline database. These guidelines should be used in conjunction with the main reporting guidelines, such as REMARK for tumour marker prognostic studies, CONSORT for clinical trials, and STROBE for observational studies.

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