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Kathrin Jansen

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

In October 2015 I joined Dr. Stephen Sansom's group to work on a project focusing on the influence of splicing on central tolerance. Central tolerance is achieved by thymic epithelial cells (TECs) which express virtually the entire gene repertoire against which immature T cells are selected.  Whether this process generates splice isoforms unique to TECs or identical to those found in the conforming peripheral tissues remains unknown. Similarly, it is not defined whether splice variants in TECs are generated by a splicing machinery common between TECs or, alternatively, by stochastic expression of splicing factors in individual TEC. 

We are using single-cell RNA-sequencing to get further insight into the TEC transcriptome and more specifically the splicing landscape in TECs and how this compares to the periphery.

I am funded by a Wellcome Trust PhD studentship in "Genomic Medicine and Statistics" . Prior to my PhD I have completed an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and a masters degree in Cancer Biology including rotation projects at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (Cambridge) and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (Oxford).