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Maria Granell Moreno

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Building a working culture where every individual feels like they belong.

I am responsible for the department’s equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, including issues of ethnicity, gender, disability and widening access. I lead the department’s Athena SWAN programme, including writing and implementing the action plan by gathering qualitative and quantitative data to identify challenges and design projects and policies to address imbalances. I support wellbeing and professional development schemes for our staff.

I have successfully led three Athena SWAN awards since 2012, working closely with the HR and Communications Teams, as well as the EDI Committee, the Chief Operating Officer, and our Head of department. Our awards over the years recognise our efforts to promote a diverse and inclusive culture for all our staff and students.

I develop, monitor and coordinate departmental schemes to support staff development and career progression and deliver Implicit Bias training across the University facilitating staff’s understanding and raising awareness about bias impact in the workplace.

I am also an NDORMS Bullying and Harassment advisor and NDORMS Bullying-Harassment advisors' Coordinator. 

I believe that difference and diversity are a strength. I joined the LGBT+ Allies community because I am convinced that every human being should be able and free to be themselves in (and outside of) the workplace. 

I am passionate about equality and proud to be part of a team who genuinely believes in change.

I have a degree in Law from Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, and a Masters in Mediation, Conflict Management and Resolution from Barcelona University.

I am an accredited Workplace Mediator. Before joining the department, I worked as a family and community mediator for four years. That professional journey reminded me that conflict is a part of life and it is the way we choose to manage it that makes a difference. 

I am the co-leader of the Mediation Service that offers support to anyone in a difficult situation from NDORMS, DPAG and PCHS. The first Mediation Service for staff and students who find themselves in conflict with another member of staff or student. 

I am a mum of two incredible human beings and, learning with them along the way. I love cycling to and back from work.