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NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) Blood Donor Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, OX3 9BQ

Reshma Rana Magar

Systematic Reviewer

I obtained a distinction in my Master of Public Health course at University of Chester after successfully completing my Bachelor of Public Health in 2017 with a first class honours. I gained in depth experience of conducting research, analysing data and writing reports as a part of my MPH course and obtained a distinction for my systematic review and meta-analysis on hepatitis C. My decision to join the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences’ Centre for Evidence in Transplantation (CET) as a Systematic Reviewer arose from my keen interest in working in the field of evidence-based medicine. My main role is to write systematic reviews and meta-analysis for the NDS. Additionally, my responsibilities also include identifying, analysing and critically appraising the evidence from randomised controlled trials, non-randomised studies and systematic reviews as well as assisting in the publication of articles by the department.

The CET is committed to evaluating the quality of evidence related to solid organ transplantation and identifies and addresses knowledge gaps in this area. It has developed a Transplant Library which includes all randomised controlled trials, good quality systematic reviews as well as clinical practice guidelines. This has been developed to allow quick and easy access to high-quality evidence in all areas of organ transplantation. The Transplant library is growing in popularity and numerous institutions, both national and international, use it as one of their electronic data resources. Therefore, my role as a systematic reviewer allows me to contribute towards the gold standard of evidence-based practice in transplantation, internationally.