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External collaborators

Professor Krina ZondervanNuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health

Waheed Ahmed


DPhil Student

I am studying the genetics of common elastic tissue disorders via large systematic association studies. This research constitutes a uniquely interesting area of study, with wide implications for patients across the major surgical specialities. 

In my spare team, I enjoy reading, cycling, long-distance running, playing chess, college badminton and attending talks/debates at the Oxford Union and a handful of Oxford Societies.

Awards and Prizes

Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Richard Wood Memorial Prize (2021)

Surgical Research Society, Academic and Research Prize (2021)

British Association of Plastic and Reconstruction Surgeons, John Barron Prize (2018)

Association of Surgeons in Training, Battle of the Surgical Societies, 1st Prize (2018)

British Society for Surgery of the Hand, Educational Video Prize (2018)

University of Exeter, Student Leader of the Year (2018)

Key publications

Recent publications

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