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Amelia Doran

Amelia Doran

Communications and Public Engagement Coordinator

I communicate Planetary Health Informatics’ research on social media, on our website and through in-person events, allowing it to have a greater impact and shaping our research based on patient needs.

Having joined NDORMS in 2023, I have been focusing on developing the Planetary Health Informatics (PHI) group’s webpage and social media, whilst also helping to redesign the group’s graphics and support group members who are publishing papers and applying for funding or fellowships. As I continue in this position, I hope to continue my work raising the profile of PHI and their research, and can focus more on in-person public and patient engagement which are effective and exciting, bringing our research to new audiences.

I am also undertaking a secondment in the NDORMS departmental Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) team, OPENARMS, during Autumn 2023. Through this position, I have been able to learn more about how PPI is run in the department and meet some of our incredible Patient Partners and Advisors, whilst also helping with some of the logistics, communication and daily running of PPI in the department.

Outside of my work for Planetary Health Informatics, I also run a podcast called ‘That’s Science’ which explores why science is the way that it is, and occasionally post a blog entry on ‘MeTheBiologist’.